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Cleeve Primary School


At Cleeve, we follow ‘The Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education’ which is the result of a collaborative partnership between the Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) of the four local authorities that comprise the Humberside region, following the similar joint RE syllabuses of 1999, 2005 and 2010.

Statutory key content

The basic key content for the six major world faiths in the syllabus is statutory.

Each key stage has its own specified statutory content for each faith.  The key content specified is progressive and cumulative.  The understanding, where a new faith is introduced at a later key stage, is that the teacher will plan to include content designated for the previous key stages.

Where pupils move to a new key stage, teachers make the assumption that they have been taught everything in the key content for the chosen faiths taught in the previous key stages.  

The Agreed Syllabus we follow offers pupils high quality learning experiences through an enquiry-based model using a range of pedagogies.  There are three statutory Areas of Understanding: 

  • Beliefs and Practices
  • Identity and Values
  • Meaning and Purpose Each Area of Understanding has two Attainment Targets:
  • AT1 Knowledge and Understanding
  • AT2 Reflection and Response

Pupils should have had the opportunity of a broad, inclusive religious education, including studies of religious communities with a significant local presence.

Schools are required to study Christianity at all key stages for at least 50% of curriculum time. Schools should decide, on the basis of their local context, which other principal religions to study in each phase. Good practice would suggest that teachers at subsequent key stages should build upon what has gone before.

It is required that: 

  • Early Years Foundation Stage the learning outcomes are referenced to Christianity and as appropriate to a range of other beliefs and cultures
  • KS1 - Christianity and one other principal religion in some depth
  • KS2 - Christianity and two other principal religions in some depth

    At Cleeve our children are given opportunities to visit different places of worship and take part in different faith based workshops to provide them with opportunities to see how people of different faiths live their everyday lives. 

    Children at Cleeve will learn understanding and acceptance of other beliefs and be able to reflect and discuss their own opinions and beliefs with their peers. 

    Religious Education progression grid